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Trident Home Improvement LLC

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Custom Cabinetry & Built Ins

This was approximately 16 feet long and 8 foot ceiling. Made to fit around the big screen TV with paint grade materials and primed prior to installation.  It has large amount of storage in the cabinets.  The back panel of the shelving units and door panels are 1/4" bead board and the doors are hinged with soft close blum hinges. The shelving units have a fixed top shelf and 4 adjustable shelves on each side to display the clients trinkets.  The sides of the shelving units have fluted columns that carry down to the floor on the front of the cabinets. It has crown and decca molding at the top to match the rest of the room.  After prepping for paint the client saved some money by doing all the finish painting (These pics are before painting occurred).

This was a space in a basement that the owners wanted a built in seating/bar area for entertaining family and friends.  Using normal base cabinets would have made this area very narrow and crowded so we decided to put some upper cabinets on custom made toe kicks and had enough room for people to congregate.  More seating area was added with the window seat and small cabinet storage underneath.   I made the two oak shelving units to display the clients shot glasses and  they finished them with a two toned stain.

This was a built in little desk made out of MDF that was made to hide the main sewer stack clean out and the sump pump in the basement but to still have access to both and still be able to use the space in their home office area.  The taller end of the table has a fixed slide out double book shelf and hides the sump pump. All you need to do to gain access is to slide the shelf unit out and pull it off the slides.  I made the smaller section in the same manner, however, instead of just a book shelf, I put in a small drawer as well because no good desk is complete without at least on drawer.  That entire section slides out and give access to the clean out.   All slides used are soft closing slides.  The owner was in the process of painting this when this picture was taken.